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COVID-19: What it Means to our Children by Jackie Martin

COVID-19: What it Means to our Children by Jackie Martin
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It was the middle of March when COVID-19 really started impacting things in our life. We had heard about it, of course, but it wasn't until school was cancelled and the doors to our work were closed, the seriousness of it all came into focus. 

For us as parents, the fear of this new disease and the logistics of keeping our family safe were a bit overwhelming. We are now into our 7th week of working from home and trying to home school our children. A routine has taken shape and we are managing okay. We are fortunate that we are healthy and have kept our jobs through this. Others are not as lucky. 

For home schooling, I haven't put too much pressure on myself or my children. We are doing the activities recommended by our teachers (thank goodness for teachers) but the girls also spend a lot of time kicking soccer balls in the basement (the drywall is suffering), playing outside (it is finally nice out, yeah!) and lots of movie nights.

I've been thinking a lot lately of how our girls will remember this time. They don't fully understand what is happening and I'm sure they've felt scared and anxious during different phases (particularly at the beginning). But I do think, overall, they will remember this time in a positive way.

When mom and dad were around When we all ate lunch together, played cards together (they are getting so good at beating us at kaiser) and took nightly bike rides together after supper. When they did video conferencing with Grandma every other day. When they decided they wanted a bunk bed so they slept in the same room together to test the idea (we're on day 20 out of 30, looks like I'll have to place the order). And learned to do chores for money (quarters) and saved up for some more Pokemon's (can you ever have enough?). 

We are focusing on the positive, taking it day by day. Our province has recently announced a phased re-opening of businesses. We will have to adjust to a new normal, but I know we can. How are you getting through this strange time? We hope you are doing well and managing okay. We are all in this together. 

xo Jackie


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