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Inspirational Cards

Inspirational Cards
Inspirational Cards
$8.00 USD

We have a wonderful set of artistic and inspirational cards for kids.  These are great little reminders for them to boost their confidence in small ways, every single day.

Leave them around the house where they will see them, add one to their lunch box or use the with our clip lights for them to display in their rooms.

Each card has a different saying, including:

  1. I am determined
  2. I am wonderful
  3. I am ambitious
  4. I believe in me
  5. I am following my dreams
  6. I will change the world
  7. I am important
  8. I am phenomenal
  9. I am a problem solver
  10. I am brave

Each card is 3" x 4". 

"When we have confidence, we can take on the world". Elly Mayday

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