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Valentine's Day Cards | Kids

Valentine's Day Cards | Kids
Valentine's Day Cards | Kids
$4.00 USD

Positive Valentine's Day cards for your child to hand out that will boost their friend's confidence and their own.⠀An improvement on the traditional 'Be Mine' Valentine. 

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Each 10 pack is filled with positive sayings that will spread kindness to each child.

Sayings include:

1. You are kind and generous
2. I enjoy learning new things with you
3. You are fabulous
4. You are courageous
5. You are awesome just the way you are
6. Thanks for making me smile
7. You are important
8. Have an awesome day
9. I'm glad you are my friend
10. You make me happy

The back says "Your Friend," with a room for your child to practice writing their name. We've left space above so they can address it to each friend (if they want) but they don't have to. Easier for younger kids, and also allows them freedom when they are handing them out.   We hope you LOVE them!

Buying multiple packs? Use code VALENTINE and save $5 when you buy 3 packs or more. 

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