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Your Inner Compass that Could

Your Inner Compass that Could
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We discovered this book in early 2018 and it has become one of our girls' favourites.  It is the perfect pairing to what we are trying to accomplish, inspiring girls to do their best.  Plus!  It is written by a talented Canadian author.  Here is her description:

This is a wise, inspiring tale that gives a fresh perspective on navigating the magical adventure of life. This story encourages readers to connect within to let inner wisdom lead the way to true fulfillment while imparting self-empowerment, self-growth, and self-confidence.

It is never too early for children, nor too late for adults, to realize that they are truly magnificent, powerful beings with unlimited potential and are equipped with a unique internal compass to help guide the way.

This book is for anyone who has ever had a gut feeling, had a strong knowing, or felt a spark of passion deep inside. It is a story that will inspire and encourage you to welcome the profound wisdom from your Inner Compass into your life. Your Inner Compass isn't going to go away, so why not become friends with it and find out what it wants to show you. You have everything you need within you and this is only the beginning.

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